SET Ravin R10 - 400 fps

The Ravin R10 is the evolution of the R9 Predator, equipped with a shaft upgrade that shortens the overall length of the crossbow. Ravin crossbows are various from any other model on the market because, thanks to Helicoil technology, these revolutionary models have a variety of design advantages that provide unmatched performance and precision. With an incredible 6" axle distance when stretched, Ravin presents rifle-like crossbows that are significantly smaller and narrower than any other crossbow. The system allows the bolt to float freely, eliminating frictional energy loss and generating speeds of up to 400 fps.

- High precision over long distances
- Shaft upgrade with shorter design
- ultra compact design with 6" centre distance
- Smooth string design for increased speed and precision
- Rifle scope with long-range reticle
- 6 Ravin Premium carbon bolts with a straightness of .001"
- Trigger unit with empty shot safety device

Technical data:
Weight: 6.8 lbs (3,0kg) 
Arrow speed: 400 fps / approx. 440 km/h Arrow speed
kinetic energy: 142 ft/lbs
Noise emission: quiet
Powerstroke: 13"
Length: 33" (approx. 84 cm)
Width (untensioned): 10.5" (approx. 26.5 cm)
Width (stretched): 6" (approx. 15.2 cm)
Empty shot protection: yes

Delivery include:
Crossbow R10
Premium Illuminated Scope with 9-times reticle for up to 100m
mounting quiver 
6 Ravin bolts
rope rope cocking device

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Ravin Crossbows R10 Crossbow Package - Predator

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